Professional chimney sweep serviceWhich areas are cover?

R C Chimney Sweep provides a professional chimney sweep service across all areas of London, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire.

Why should I sweep my chimney?

There are two main reasons for having a chimney or flue swept, these are safety and efficiency. The chimney or flue is designed to allow a smooth evacuation of gasses. The gases are made up of many different chemicals including carbon monoxide, all of which are harmful and dangerous. The evacuation of flue gases is essential to the safe operation of any type of fire or appliance, therefore regular sweeping will ensure that the chimney or flue is clear of obstructions. In addition, soot and creosote will collect within the chimney or flue. These are highly flammable and therefore a build-up of either can and will dramatically increase the chance of having a chimney fire. 

Soot and creosote are also very corrosive, containing acids. Therefore to protect either the standard brick chimney, or a liner, regular sweeping is essential. 

Oil and gas flues should not be over looked they may not produce soot or creosote but do suffer from obstructions reducing the evacuation of gasses including carbon monoxide.

How often should it be swept?

This depends on how often the chimney is used, what type of fuel you use and the quality of the fuel. As a guide, the following applies:

Smokeless fuel:                      At least once a year

Wood:                                     Quarterly when in use

Bituminous coal:                     Quarterly when in use

Oil:                                          Once a year

Gas:                                        Once a year

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